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Smarter Parking through Technology

CloudParc is a disruptive smart-city platform with parking as its first use case, weaving together Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Smart Phone capabilities. We provide real time automation and accurate data collection for the entire parking lifecycle, all in one technology, to innovate Traffic Management, Transit, Data Analytics and other Smart City solutions that increase revenues and efficiency, and lower costs.

Our platform applies advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence to fully automate the parking lifecycle in one technology. Our smart platform detects parking space availability, individually meters vehicles, dynamically prices spaces, issues tickets, enforces parking violations, and collects payments. Additionally, CloudParc tracks and reports traffic and incident data, and provides security/surveillance, private intelligence and many other smart city applications (beyond parking) via third parties through the CloudParc API.


CloudParc provides a bold, new and comprehensive approach to parking, providing the first fully automated parking solution. CloudParc's patented technology offers real time data necessary for monitoring and thorough, consistent enforcement of parking rules: space occupancy, metering, dynamic pricing, and the full range of parking business rules.

  • CloudParc uses computer vision and machine learning tools to identify available spaces and track vehicles as they are parking
  • Parking events with payments are tracked in real time
  • Parking Enforcement Events are transmitted to parking enforcement agents in real time as needed

Unique Features include:

CloudParc conveniently automates metering so drivers pay for exactly what they use and municipalities/facility owners collect exactly what they deserve. CloudParc will lower costs and increase parking and violation revenues. CloudParc will provide consistent coverage for the full range of parking business rules in all areas covered. CloudParc may be used to strengthen or expand permit parking.

CloudParc's variable pricing program is dynamic and flexible supporting usage, duration of stay, real-time congestion and demand, events, size of vehicle, and more.

CloudParc provides a fully automated all-in-one solution for parking and is currently the only system that can provide this service.

Finally, the all in one solution provides personalized services and applications for ride shares and autonomous vehicles.

Parking Use Cases

Most communities have a variety of parking violations that go undetected either because of access and accessibility, timing, or higher concentration in specific areas or violations. Contact us for a list of use cases.

Smart City / Neighborhood Support

CloudParc's patented technology utilizing artificial intelligence with computer vision offers a wide range of applications that benefit cities and their neighborhoods. CloudParc is comprehensive, and can work with existing infrastructures and sensors. The network will become a source for meaningful new data to help the City plan and execute services better, as well as a network for identifying and addressing local neighborhood issues. Data should be captured and mined for multiple purposes by multiple users.

Expanded uses and applications of CloudParc's real time computer vision data include but are not limited to:

  • Pedestrian, Bicycle, Transportation and Traffic Tracking
  • Autonomous Vehicles - Extended Vision, Tracking, and Connectivity
  • Resiliency, Logistics, Communications, Maintenance, and Law Enforcement
  • Smart City and Facility Applications
  • Land and Urban Planning – using historical traffic pattern data with dynamic maps
  • Private Sector Uses such as Insurance, Real Estate Development, and Security
  • Neighborhood Quality of Life Applications including:
    • Storm damage reporting: Street flooding, fallen trees, unplowed streets
    • Significant street damage and pot holes
    • Uncollected Garbage
    • Traffic obstacles such as construction, utility work, etc.
    • Traffic accident reviews
    • Car Break-ins and theft
    • Smoke & sound sensors (gunshot detection) monitoring.
  • New data source for municipal hack-a-thons.

CloudParc can be leveraged to provide innovative Traffic Management, Transit, Data Analytics, Neighborhood information and other Smart City solutions to increase revenues and efficiency, lower costs and address multiple Quality-of-Life issues.

As cities, systems, and automobiles become smarter, CloudParc becomes more relevant.


CloudParc combines advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision to provide access to important and valuable new urban data streams. Combining data capture and use provides both public and private clients a unique opportunity for the following uses cases and more:

  • Urban planning
  • Land use planning
  • Transportation Flow
  • Real estate development
  • Root cause of traffic delays
  • Emergency services
  • Resiliency planning
  • Pedestrian traffic
  • Infrastructure/facilities maintenance
  • Communication and logistics
  • Research and development
  • General data use

Company Information

The CloudParc team is unusual, a top-notch mix of seasoned successful CEO's and experienced team members, well versed in government contracts, relevant technologies, operations, and building organizations.

CloudParc's IP portfolio includes 23 issued US Patents, 11 issued international patents and 44 pending.

About Us

Mission Statement

To provide ALL stakeholders (municipalities, residents, drivers, visitors, businesses, etc.) the highest benefit and use possible for and from traffic flow and transportation, integration of systems, infrastructure development, land use, safety, and health and welfare data in both the public and private sectors through artificial intelligence and computer vision.

Value Proposition

CloudParc shares in the success of turning parking management into a valuable public service that improves health and well-being, something all stakeholders appreciate and approve, especially if proceeds from increased parking and violation revenues and lower costs are used for public benefits (e.g. enhanced Wi-Fi, LED lighting upgrades, and healthy infrastructure improvements.)

CloudParc applies advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence to fully automate the parking lifecycle in one technology

Investor Relations

CloudParc's IP portfolio includes 23 issued US Patents, 11 issued international patents and 44 pending.

Sources of future revenue includes but not limited to:

  • Municipal Adoption
  • Private Sector Sales
  • International Licenses
  • Data Subscriptions
  • JV Partnerships

Opportunities for Investment include equity, convertible preferred, joint ventures, licensing and royalty programs.

Please contact us at investor@cloudparc.com for further information.

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CloudParc is a technology company based in New York City.