Our Core Value Proposition

We are a next-generation optics based solution for on-street and off-street “Smart Parking” systems. CloudParc’s groundbreaking and scalable technology enables vehicle identification, parking violation/enforcement and transaction management. Our solution provides multiple modes of automation, which ranges from evolutionary to revolutionary and includes capability to integrate with connected vehicle technology such as dedicated short-range communication (“DSRC”).

Expanded Value Proposition

CloudParc’s value proposition to the industry is broader than just Smart Parking. Our patented technology combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) seamlessly weaves together Computer [or Machine] Vision, Cloud Computing and Smart Phone capabilities and could be leveraged with innovative Traffic Management, Tolling, Transit, and Data Analytics solutions. At its core, beyond parking enforcement, our key differentiator is the ability to identify discreet traffic events via positive vehicle identification, thereby increasing application and/or revenue opportunities for public and private entities.


Smart Parking
Convergence of Major Trends Driving Change

Computer Vision deployed and validated
Cloud Computing permits large networked application solutions
Smart Phone Adoption provides platform and linkage for creative user applications
Revenue on parking assets under pressure from municipal budget demands
Vehicle Density relentless growth drives need to move vehicles and people more efficiently
Urban Mobility depends on optimizing infrastructure solutions
Space and Access Optimization to desired goods and services

A Superior Parking System Requires

Electronic Payment System: full featured and networked
Space Identification–Allocation: tie payment to a vehicle in the space
Positive Vehicle Identification: tie payment to a space and to specific vehicle
All three dynamics must be present to have a complete parking event solution.
The computer vision platform enables a whole new range of comprehensive parking applications and enforcement strategies.

Current Solutions

CloudParc’s Solution

Sensor based Computer vision based
“Of Interest” Information “Actionable” Information
2D Data: Limited specificity which restricts accuracy and functionality 3D Data: Positive Vehicle Identification provides accuracy and expanded functionality


Examples of Applications of our Technology

Smart Parking
Traffic Management
  • Directed Enforcement
  • Automated Parking Enforcement
  • Smartphone Enabled Refill Capabilities
  • Parking Zone Definition Flexibility
  • Public and Private Permit / Decal / Disability Parking Enforcement
  • Variable Meter Pricing
  • Parking Space Availability Information (e.g., reservations and subscription-based parking)
  • Off-street Parking Garage Capacity Utilization and Demand Management
  • Double Parking (Fleet Management, City Fleet Tracking)
  • Bus Rapid Transit (“BRT”)
  • Lane Management
  • Repossession Identification & Enforcement
  • Security/Law Enforcement Applications (e.g., government agencies’ Hot List management)
  • Expired Registration Identification & Enforcement
  • Red Light & Speed Photo Enforcement Cameras
  • Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (“V2I”) Communications
  • Multi-modal Travel Planning
  • Bicycle Counting
  • Tracking High Profile Fleets & Vehicles (e.g., HazMat trucks, expedited delivery vehicles, etc.)
  • BRT Traffic Flow Management
  • Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (“V2I”) Communications
Data Analytics
  • Robust Analytics to Increase Efficiency & Effectiveness of Parking and Traffic Management (e.g., adjust policies & pricing based upon accumulation, organization, and dissemination of data)